Constant Change

Almost everything is changing and the rate of change is moving faster and faster.  There is constant press towards technological progress and in particular the change that is occurring in how fast news is being put out not just from newspapers but all around us.

The pace is unrelentingly and it not only does not look like it is going to let up but that it is only going to get faster.

Why are people afraid of change or even admitting that change is inevitable?  Recently, I came across this interesting webpage at:  In the charts, they plotted the Human Intuitive Perspective of Technological Advancement over varying periods from five to fifty years.

It said, “Every twelve to eighteen months, computers double their capabilities and so do the information technologies that use them.”  It also talked about the current eleven months doubling rate of technology known as “The Law of Accelerating Returns” getting faster.  The rate of change will be exponential at the rate it is going.

In the online space, Social media such as Facebook and Twitter accounts seeking to educate the public about social media and search engine optimization is being increasingly used now to tell the world what some news outlets may prefer not to report or deem unimportant or in a space where there is no correct or proper information.

So too business owners should now be using social media to get their message out to the public to inform, to amuse, to market and to keep track of consumer behavior and reaction.  Youtube is also useful to provide a visible perspective for the information provided.

We can know intellectually that things are changing, times are changing and changing faster than ever before.  However we have become so used to things changing that we are not really paying attention to the effects of the changes around us and how it is affecting our behavior of others.

Particularly when you are a business owner.  In the area of employment and management, you will be forced to take notice of changes when you see your employees’ behavior.  But when it comes to consumer behavior, it seems less likely to grab you attention until it may be too late.

It would appear that there is now such a huge endorsement about the benefits of social media communication and social media marketing to be able to reach out and reach out immediately.  The smart phones, tablets, computers, laptops and a whole host of technology that is embedded everywhere now are in the hands of consumers and able to give solutions instantly and without cost.  Whether these solutions are correct or not is another thing altogether.

Take the rise of fake news which was being talked about daily especially during the US Presidential elections in 2016.  People were blaming Facebook being a place where ignorant people shared their ignorant views and Google because of the preference in their algorithm which looked for popular results rather than true results.  Google took action and banned 200 publishers in their efforts to weed out bad publishers about one third of its ad networks as a response to the criticisms over a period of less than 2 months.

More next time!

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